Our Mission & Vision

Mission Statement

My World of Learning Child Care Association is a non-profit child care centre whose staff and Board of Directors are committed to providing quality inclusive child care for all children between the ages of eighteen months and twelve years.

Image of the Child Statement

We believe children are happy and kind and thrive through supportive relationships.  By creating inviting, enriched environments we can enhance a child’s natural curiosity.  When we provide a variety of nurturing and challenging experiences we can foster confidence and resilience.

Vision Statement of Inclusive Child Care

The staff and Board of Directors of My World of Learning Child Care Association believe that all children have the right to attend our centre.  We strongly believe an inclusive environment helps children develop empathy and to accept each other as individuals.  We offer quality child care that offers a developmentally and individually appropriate learning environment.

Inclusion Policy

My World of Learning Child Care Association provides an inclusive environment for all children by including children with special needs at the naturally occurring rate of approximately 10% of the population.  All children have the right to attend our centre, on their registered days, during the centre’s regular operating hours.

We believe in working as a team with families through verbal and written daily updates about the children’s time at the centre.  Progress reports that summarize a child’s skills as observed at the day care are provided twice annually.  We welcome family involvement by encouraging families to participate by attending parent meetings, joining the parent committee, becoming volunteers to assist in the classroom and on field trips and applying to be on the Board of Directors.

Children’s needs are identified and met through a process beginning with observation as outlined in the routine-based plans.  Routine-based plans are created using a team approach with the child’s family, teachers, speech-language pathologists, early interventionists, physiotherapists and other professionals working together.  The team identifies goals and sets strategies to allow the child to participate in all activities.  These goals are implemented during children’s play experiences, and assessed and re-evaluated regularly, as the child develops.

Teachers are required to attend professional development opportunities each year.  They are encouraged to attend workshops on the subject of inclusion.  Resource materials are available to assist teachers to be effective in providing inclusive care.

The centre applies annually for the Supported Child Care Grant through the Department of Education and Early Childhood Development.  This grant provides funding to assist the day care in having an extra, non-ratio teacher on staff to assist in meeting the needs of all the children.